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B. Fill in each blank with the most appropriate word. (Do not write the sentence): (5)?

... 1. The Principal agreed ------------ our proposal. 2. The coach agreed ------------ his players. 3. Do not waste my time, get ...

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Does rbsns.com sell real ray ban?

I don't want to waste so much money on a fake. As getting a fake will effect our eye sight and the glasses will break easily. ...

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If you pull the cord to turn off a ceiling fan but leave the switch on does that waste electricity?

If you leave the switch on 24/7 for a ceiling light and fan, but you ...

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What travel services would you pay for besides hotel and airfare?

If you are going on a trip what type of services would you like to have. Especially if you don't ...

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Do I need to buy a lightsaber or it's just a waste of money?

I have the money to buy a lightsaber but my father is telling that it's a waste of money and that I ...

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