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What is smart weapons market?

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What if we raised age to say 30 in order to buy assault type weapons?

define assault weapons and raise age to 30 before you can purchase.

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How heavy would an over-under break-action grenade launcher, enlarged to fire 40mm grenades.

I'm writing a war novel set in the near future, where the characters use unorthodox weapons with heavy firepower during firefights. My ...

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What is the deadliest weapon of all time?

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I need a good name for a comic book character that uses fear as a weapon?

I have been stumped on trying to figure out a character that can induce fear and use fear as a ...

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I have 77 attack, 90 str and 75 def what is the best runescape weapon I could use?

iv got a sara sword a bgs and a whip atm but idk which one to use or is there a better ...

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What happens when you murder someone with a piano wire?

I'm a writer and currently writing a story about a serial killer who uses a piano wire as a weapon, what does ...

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Which is a better weapon?

sword knife dagger throwing star needle chair hardback book CD fire water bottle

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