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Is there anywhere in Colorado where you can operate motorcycles indoors for training purposes?

We want to provide motorcycle training no matter the weather and are looking for a venue to conduct this in Colorado, northern region.

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I live in southeastern PA....and am wondering?

I live in southeastern PA and am wondering...if I plant sunflower seeds now (late July), I know they will not be completely grown before cold weather ...

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If warm weather, would you rather wear T-shirts to absorb your sweat or would you rather wear...

less clothes? If it is very warm weather, will you rather wear T-shirts and long pants to absorb your sweat or would you rather wear as less possible ...

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Where should I go?

I want to go to a place that can go skiing, go shopping, and the weather is cold. Where should I go?

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Do you like warm weather or cold weather, why?

I prefer warm weather. The downside is, you get bugs and you have a risk of heat stroke if you don't drink enough ...

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Why is energy lost as heat?

In a tropic level 10% of the energy is lost as heat for cellular respiration but, I was confused on weather it has something to do with the ...

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My boyfriend thinks that I do not love him?

Me and My boyfriend have been together for about a month now, we were very content together up until now. He has been ...

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