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My friends and I are needing an original idea for something that can improve life.

We need a new and original idea to make life easier. It can be very simple or complicated. We just need to have an idea.?

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What are my rights when my name is on some property?

my partner bought a house and put my name on the title/deed. i want to kick out a person who has overstayed his welcome. can i do that

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How does it feel when you're in a dark place?

There is no right or wrong. All answers are welcome.

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Am I welcome in the USA although I am israeli ?

Israel is politically hated by most americans because of its lobby and the unconditional support it receives from the US ...

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Boy trouble, Boys and girls welcome to answer?

Well i like this guy i realllyyyy like him but the whole school says he is a player? i mean he does tell me that he talks ...

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What are the top ranking universities in USA which provide scholarship for Asian students?

which are the good and top ranking Universities in USA which welcome Asian ...

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Question about guys, anybody's welcome to answer?

Okay so, i like this guy and im trying to get over him you know? cause everyone is telling me he is a player and so i ...

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