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Wild splash in FL: About how much are drinks & parking? Are there dogs at the entrance?

I have never been to wild splash in Florida and would like to know more before I buy my ticket

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What pet should I get?

I wanted to know what pet I should get because I want one that is maybe inactive during the day, and I can take to work and such. Nothing too wild, ...

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I can feel my pulse in my mouth!!!!!! HELP PLEAAASE?

Sooo... I have had this wild pain in the roof of my mouth the past few days. And today suddenly I can feel a pulse in ...

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My cat ran away, how do I find him?

My cat ran away 2 nights ago. There are wild cats in the area and my cat is declawed.. What do i do? I recently heard cats screaming ...

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In The Sipmsons episode The Scorpion's Tale, what's the name of the song played on a xylophone?

During the scene where Lisa is in the desert where the wild calming ...

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We found a wild Robbin that our cat got but is still alive. We think it's hurt. HELP!!!?

Our cat got it this morning and it's evening. We have it on our sun-porch ...

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