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How fast do the wind speeds have to be to stop a cars forward momentum?

If a car was driving forward at 60mph how fast would the head wind have to be to stop the cars forward momentum

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Where can I find Elton John's candle in the wind animated music video?

Back in the 90s my sisters and I watched a version of Elton John's 'candle in the wind' on Top of the Pops. The music video was an ...

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Beside the window there's a table, on the table got 12 lighted up candles . Then got wind blow 3?

... candles fire off, later on another 5 more candles been blowed off. ...

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What is wind?

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Appendicitis or trapped wind?

I've had pain in my lower right side for the last 12+ hours, it hurts a lot when I move and lie down, changing position when sitting ...

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Can you jump of your house roof with a umbrella?

I always wanted to glide in the wind. but i want to know if you can. thank you!

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Will the wind last for long ?

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