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Does glass stemware sing when washing around bottom ?

I am holding a stemware wine glass , when I take my cloth and rub it around the bottom of the stem, the flat part, it sings? So is that glass or ...

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How would you convert so wine that was once Christian and now agnostic back to Christian?

It was supposed to say someone not so wine

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I got a graphics card but now when I try to get apps it wont let me?

i installed the drivers for linux but idk how to config them(wine is giving me errors not linux)

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Does Stella Rosa wine expire? I want to know if it expires before I start stocking up on bottles?

Wedding is in 2 years and want to have wine, specifically Stella Rosa ...

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Can wine taste like soy sauce? french wine taste like soy, italian taste like grape juice alcohol?

people talk about wine and how great it is, but i find it difficult to ...

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Know what the non-corkscrew wine opener is called?

It has 2 metal bars which you slide down the side of the cork to essentially break the seal. You then simply pull the ...

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Old Wine?

I am doing some serious Spring.. well maybe winter cleaning and found some old wine bottles that haven't been opened yet. what is the best/safest way to ...

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