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I know a tribrid is somebody born of three different supernatural races, but what's a person...

...called if they are born of six? Example: Hope from Legacies. Also somebody born of a werewolf, witch, and a vampire? This is for a supernaturally ...

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How many people actually called the police on the beginning of "Witch Files" on Netlix?

at the beginning of the movie there is a warning that unless you're part of the jury you should stop watching and contact the authorities

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What is a good witch school name?

I'm writing a story and I dont know what to name the school in it. so someone help me please

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Christianity - witch religion is true?

well think about it all other religions ask for objecs or sacrafises when all god ask for is your love and to belive in him and he ...

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My Friend is in love with my girlfriend!?

I found out that my friend loves my girlfriend. He knows she's my girlfriend, but yet he is fighting me for her (witch is ...

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Witch one format is good for printing?

I wanna give some posters for printing , which format is professional/ or good for printing ? GIF, PDF or TIF

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Witch pokemon game should I buy?

hi i want you to choose witch pokemon game i should buy it is between heart gold or soul silver remember i can only buy one of them

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My family believes and I quote, "all witches will burn in Hell." But its my religion. What do I do?

I practice Wicca and I wanted to tell my family that I'm a witch ...

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