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My neighbours have lit a fire for the 2nd day now and it is releasing a lot of horrible smoke...

...(because of the type of wood it is). Yesterday the fire lasted for around 6 hrs and started at 1pm; it is happening today as well. I have asked ...

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Hello. So, I hit my leg really hard on wood about a month ago. A knot is still there..is this bad?

Here's the story: I was doing a candlestick on my bed (this is something I learned in gymnastics, so if you don't know what it is then ...

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We can't find my puppy we think she died?

She was sick yesterday so we let her stay in the garage where she was comfy then she ran away this morning we think she went to ...

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If you could choose, which one would you pick?

A wood burning Air Heater or a regular gas burning Air Heater for your home. Wood burning Air Heaters are better for the ...

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Does it make any since for a teacher to put they hans on a child because this teacher name mrs. wood

name mrs.woodward put her hands on a child and the child called he ...

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