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How to get rid of tomato horn worms without killing them?

I found almost 20 tomato horn worms on my tomato plants, I really don't want to kill them. What can I do to dispose of them?

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Nutella Mug cake worm, don't know if I ate it. Will I be ok??

I microwaved a mug cake with Nutella in it. The Nutella was old, but it was unopened and I figured it would be fine, but halfway through the cake, ...

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Is freshly dug lug worm better than frozen lug bait.Also is it better to dig at night or during?

... daylight hours for lug.Can you spin for certain species now in sea.What will be the main quarry.

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Google - Theres a black thing on my vulva and vagina and it looks like a. Worm of some sort ..idk?

... what it is ..can u have some help

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My period came 10 days early. Now I am 4 days past when my period was originally suppose to come. i?

... have sore chest. and i have read that dreaming of frogs, worms, ...

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Is there any worm like things in me??

I'm 14. And I rub myself alot (sorry it's to do with the question) and recently I found an small cum looking thing and I ...

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How can I get rid of worms in a 2 month old kitten?

my friend found a kitten and it was eating just fine. now the kitten is losing weight and scooting on its butt.

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I was playing with my cat and I noticed a VERY small snail like worm on my arm .. What was it??

I also found another one on my shirt

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