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What is the difference between 友 and 友達?

友 alone means friend/companion, and it still means that when written as 友達, but what's the difference?

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My job in Louisiana makes us come in at 6:15 am and doesn't pay us till 7, is that legal?

Basically if we don't come in at 6:15 am we are either written up, sent ...

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Birthday surprise?

I'm making a birthday surprise to my GF , I'm collecting photos with a piece of paper that written on it " Happy Birthday Olya and the ...

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Does the Bible, have a standard for marriage?

In this new age, how important is it , since it was written so long ago?

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Can a story have too many I's?

I have written a story, and the only bad feedback i got was that it had too many I's. Is that really a bad thing?

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