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What schedule drug is Xanax?

It has been reported that Xanax is one of the most prescribed drugs in the United States for the management of panic and anxiety disorders.

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Name of a song?

what's the song where the list a bunch of pills in alphabetical order? the only five I can remember are Ambien, Percocet, OxyContin, valium and ...

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I was prescribed .5mg Xanax for anxiety. I was told I could cut it in half if I wanted to see how it

... would make me feel. I started on Wed 3-8-17. I took half (.25mg) for 5 days. On Friday i took the other half at night after the first one wore ...

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Is 11.25mg of hydrocodone and 1mg of Xanax safe to take at once?

My GP has me prescribed to Xanax 1mg but I recently had a surgery on my knee and now I m supposed to take 11.25mg of hydrocodone. She tells me take ...

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What is the best natural herb or mineral for anxiety?

I have an 88 year old sister that all of a sudden developed panic attacks and anxiety and want to know about a natural herb instead of Xanax.

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Can you take Xanax after the first Trimester of pregnancy?. .. Was prescribed them prior?

I was prescribed xanax prior to my pregnancy and still have them for when i need them, im in the 3rd trimester now at 31 weeks... I read to ...

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