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On Xbox can you have a backwards compatible game up on the Xbox one and then on the 360 have the?

... same game up? Like Black Ops 2 for example?

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If I download dlc's online on a NEW account can I play the dlc's offline on a different account?

I Got this Xbox one with a original profile has about all my saved data from fallout 4 but unfortunately its only accessible through my ex's ...

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7 Days to die or State of Decay ?

Should i buy 7 Days to die or State of Decay

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Xbox one vs PS4?

I want to know which is best Xbox one or ps4,both have advantages over eachother,i don t care about the ps4 s better graphic memory,in overall which is ...

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What is better Xbox One or Playstation 4?

Which is better I don't know and I want to buy Xbox One or Playstation 4

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I need help choosing a console?

I have played Xbox all my life, I want to upgrade to next-gen gaming. But am struggling to decide what console to get. Xbox One or PS4 ...

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