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How do you convince your parents to get you an Xbox one s?

I have been wanting an Xbox ever since I was maybe 10. But whatever I do, I tell them the benefits of getting one and they still don't want to ...

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Forge on my Xbox one will not let me please help?

It won't let me play forge because it says on my xbox1 that a fire team members online safety settings do not allow them to view this content. ...

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Xbox one vs PS4?

I want to know which is best Xbox one or ps4,both have advantages over eachother,i don t care about the ps4 s better graphic memory,in overall which is ...

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What is better Xbox One or Playstation 4?

Which is better I don't know and I want to buy Xbox One or Playstation 4

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I'm planning of purchasing a new console soon. Xbox One or PlayStation 4?

I'm debating whether to buy and Xbox One or PlayStation 4, the majority of my friends on ...

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