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Why can’t I make myself go to school?

I go to an alternate school so there’s about 30 people in my entire school,it was ok last year (I still missed a couple days but it ...

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Veterinary technician?

becoming a veterinary technician requires a person to graduate from a college program accredited by the AVMA a) 6 moonths b)1 year c)2 year or ...

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What Public Holidays Does America Get?

I heard they get a lot more days off than the UK and here is what you have in England. 1. New Year - Early Finish 31st December and 1st January 2. ...

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How do I tell my boyfriend that I don't want to have sex?

Ok, im 17 almost 18 & me & my boyfriend have been dating for a year & a half & we haven't ...

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How to tell if a girl likes you?

I like a girl at school and I think she likes me too. It's impossible to know for sure though. I'm going to a new school next ...

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so i'm in fifth grade and my mom says i don't need a phone and i have to wait like another year . but all my ...

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My bf n I were doing so gud lately.we've been dating 4 a year & a half now.and he just left?

my boyfriend and i were doing so good the day that he left... i gave him $10 ...

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I have to wear a WHAT?

Uniforms for Soccer have never concerned me...but i just found out that this year (the year im starting lacrosse) they are making us wear the more ...

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