... stomach I started to get itchy and I had 3 bites, mu husband got three bites too but his were one in the arm, one in the leg and one up higher of the leg. So the day after I spray everything with bed bugs spray but I did not see anything I searched with a flashlight and washed all the bedding. For like 3 days my husband got three more bites and I got nothing, after that it stop for like 6 days now last night it happen again I got two bites but they do not itch (just in the morning they did) again one of them stared at work like intbe afternoon. I have had bed bugs bites twice in my life and they itch like no other all the time. My husband got three more las night too. i look again and did not see anything (I looked everywhere!) and spray again. Could it a bug from outside, a day ago we where outside for like 2 hours. I have a little girl but she has nothing on her, I check her everyday.!