AngularJS, a popular JavaScript framework, has several core use cases that make it a preferred choice for web application development:

1. Single-Page Applications (SPAs): AngularJS excels in building SPAs, where the entire application runs within a single web page. It provides features like dynamic content loading, routing, and data binding, resulting in a seamless user experience.

2. Data Binding: AngularJS simplifies the process of data binding, allowing developers to establish a connection between the model and the view. This two-way data binding feature ensures that any changes made to the model are automatically reflected in the view and vice versa.

3. Dependency Injection: AngularJS facilitates dependency injection, enabling developers to manage and inject dependencies into components. This feature enhances code modularity, reusability, and testability, making it easier to maintain and scale applications.

4. Form Validation: AngularJS offers built-in form validation capabilities, allowing developers to validate user input easily. It provides a set of directives and validation rules that can be applied to form fields, ensuring data integrity and enhancing the user experience.

5. Templating: AngularJS provides a powerful templating system that allows developers to create dynamic and reusable HTML templates. This feature enables the separation of concerns between the UI and business logic, making code maintenance and collaboration more manageable.

6. Testing: AngularJS has robust testing capabilities built into its framework. It offers support for unit testing and end-to-end testing, making it easier to write and execute tests for different parts of the application. This ensures the reliability and stability of the codebase.

7. Mobile Application Development: AngularJS, coupled with frameworks like Ionic, enables developers to build cross-platform mobile applications using web technologies. It provides a seamless development experience and allows code reuse across different platforms.

These core use cases demonstrate the versatility of AngularJS and its ability to streamline the development process, improve code quality, and create rich and interactive web applications.

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