What are some ways to increase my intelligence? I have always been treated like I am stupid. I am a socially awkward girl who has no friends and I am not smart either. I don’t fit in the category of being pretty or smart. I can’t identify myself as a nerd nor can I fit in with social butterflies. From a young age I have struggled with the English language. In the 2nd grade I was put in ESOL, even though I was born in America. I was the only American in that class. I was subsequently put in ESOL one more time after I moved back from living out of the U.S. I am not good at anything. I am not good at art and I not the best at math or science. I am not book smart nor am I street smart. I can’t get around socially either. So I have no idea how I can improve myself? I have always wanted to become smarter, but I have no idea how or where to start?