I grew up listening to Freestyle music, so I did some research to find my favorite songs so that I could listen to them again. I never really knew the artists' names, though, or the names of the songs, and since Freestyle is a less-known genre, it's really hard to find their songs off of just the lyrics. I'm wondering if anyone might know the names and artists?

I've been able to find a few of them, but I haven't had any luck with some other ones. Here are the lyrics and other details that I can remember about them:

There's a song that says something like "It's just a runaway" That's the beginning of the chorus, and I know he says it again after the next lyric (which I can't remember anymore). It's sung by a guy, he has a mid-tone voice; not specifically high or low. I believe the song's name was "Runaway".

Another one's chorus says "I know now, my destiny". He has a higher voice. I know it's a positive song.

Another one's chorus goes like this, "For always mine, so right from the start, you and I, in my heart". I forget the next two lyrics, but I believe the end of the chorus says "you and I" again. It's sung by a guy with a mid-tone voice. The song was about 10 minutes long. I believe the song's name was "For Always Mine".

There's another one that says "hey girl" and "take you day by day", I think as part of the chorus. Right before that part I think he says "I" by he sings it in a way like "I-ee-I-ee-I".

Another one's chorus says "Let me be the one, that you spend your life with, let me be the one, to take you home at night". It's sung by a guy with a mid-tone voice.
Here are the names and artists of my favorite songs that I can remember. Are all of them correct?

External Affairs - Mystie
I Was the One - Teaz II Pleaz
Show Me - The Cover Girls
Inside Outside - The Cover Girls
Summer Heat - Jaime
Just Like the Wind - Tony Garcia
Remember the Days - Miguel Reyes
Diamond Girl - Nice & Wild
Noel - Silent Morning
Johnny O - Fantasy Girl

If anyone knows the song names and artist names to these songs, please let me know. I'll also come back and post more songs and lyrics if I remember any more. Thanks so much in advance. ;-)