What behaviors and skill are typical of successful individuals?

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Well Mzdva22, success does not run in peoples blood- obsession does. See Mozart- He composed music all the time. In the parks, he would listen to the birds and composed music that has far outlived him.
My cousin is very successful. He is a bronze medalist in chess at world level, grade 8 in piano and violin, and very very good at studies. He swims well and reads books beyond his age..
The key to his success.............

For chess he would be up at 6 in the morning and begin practising, then his coach would come over till 10 pm and then he wud continue practising till 11..... with just a one hour lunch break...........

Anyone can be good at what they do, but to be great at what they do, they need to work really hard and be obsessed with it, stick with it and never give up.

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