I don't think it's bed begs. From what I read, bed bug bites are usually grouped in three. It started about a month ago. My favorite couch is about ten years old and when I sit on it I immediately start to itch where my skin has come in contact with the fabric. When I say immediately, usually about 30 seconds to a minute after contact.

The bump or bumps are slightly raised. Similar to a mesquito bite. And when I move to get up, the itching stops after about an hour. Sometimes it's just one bite, but usually it's multiple. Usually clustered, ranging from several, andt the most there were dozens on my lover back where it comes in contact with the back portion of the couch seat.

I looked to see if i saw any bugs, but saw none. Nor did I see any blood spots or fecal matter. I was told mites ( which can be almost invisible to the naked eye ) don't bite.

The itching is painful, but subsides quickly. Usually an hour after I get up. Never lasted more than several hours. Please help. I wanna bomb and spray but until I know what I'm spraying for, I don't know what to use.