My name is Jose
recently I was contacted by an individual offering me a job at Box, INC
this individual claim to be the COO.
I went through the interview process and somehow, I got the job right then and there.
This individual sends me $1,650 dollars to buy some product from their vendor.

The money is currently in my bank account and it was"clear" to use, I believe.
I no longer want to do the job, because I feel like it is a scam or something sketchy about it.

The name of the individual COO is Stephanie Carullo, she ask me to send the funds back through western union and feel out a money transfer and send it to a vendor.

I told her that I am willing to comply and send the money back if she shows me proof that she is indeed Stephanie Carullo and she refuses. Telling me that the only way to send the money. Even when I presented other options.

Please help me out, can I be charged with stealing?
I am 19 years old.
Thanks for reading.