One of my best guy friends has a disease caused by stress and every night he is constantly in pain, when his mind gives up, his body does. Myself and my best girl friend have tried to tell him not to give up, because he has always been there for us, and we don't know what we would do without him. His doctor has told him there might be a treatment, but he said it will make him agressive and arguementative. Also it will cause him so much pain that he might give up. So he's taking the treatment, so he only has about 2 weeks left. He has helped me and my friends through every problem and he's always been there for us. When any of us were crying, he's be the first there to give us a hug and tell us it'll be ok. He doesn't deserve to die! He won't live to know true love, he won't be there at mine or my best friend's wedding, ot his own. I don't know if i can go without him, he's just so amazing. He hasn't come to school today, he told one of my other guy friend to tell our group that he loves us. What can i do? Myself and my girl friends have been crying nearly all morning! He can't give up, but he is. he's told us that he'll always watch over us and always be with us. But we need him WITH us. How can i go on without him?