For a while I have been wanting to fulfill a duty in business/ corporate. That duty is catering to employee needs within a company.

We all know what it feels like to feel like just another employee who is replaceable in the work place, some have been mistreated, some are overworked and leave stressed and depressed (but we know we need our bills paid) ...even as far as staring at white walls all day.

I want to make a difference in the workplace by developing a program to enlighten business in what they can do to make their employees more happy, which drives better calls, sales, great service and great customers.

all too often we hear that customers make the business but in actuality its the employers who sometimes struggle to make it to work due to lack of motivation or mistreatment at the workplace.

i am looking for a few classes on the college level that may help me develop this program in the future.

any ideas? I am currently a communication studies major - and have to take about 3 more elective classes and want to really start on this project.

please help