recently i found out that my teacher have wanted me to go back in person.they didn't talk to me first.the reason of this request and the specific person is unknown.i don't know what to do.Because of my age i have no control over these situations.this is very stressful.i do not feel safe until there is 0 known cases for one i planned to stay online until 2023 which is allowed in my country.i am doing great in school and getting around a 60% on each assignment which is considered a good i don't know why there is a problem.Because i'm on march break it is now impossible to have a conversation with that person until its too late.i tried to avoid this school in general because i would have to wear a uniform.the uniform is another problem for many reasons which i will not explain.this is causing too much stress.i cant go to another school because something happened at the other one with my brother which is probably the reason why.apparently it seems like i'm not allowed to feel safe or be stress free...i need help IMMEDIATELY