I see a series of numbers almost everyday on clocks, license plates, bus numbers, addresses, random lottery tickets... What could this mean?
Does anybody know?

I see 11:11 everyday. (No joke.)
111,222,333,444,555 I even see variations and sometimes I get 2222 and other double/triple numbers at the same time. The clock will read 3:33 and then my e-maill will be 2222 messages in my inbox, and 22 spam... (Stuff like that.) I get change back in triple digits and sometimes I get triple numbers on a receipt, or order number.

Is this happening to anybody else?
Does anybody know what it means?
If I try to look for it, it doesn't happen, but then I stop looking and I happen to be in the right place at the right time every time.

This has been happening to me for years. I sometimes wake up out of a deep sleep and look over the clock to see what time it is... 3:33AM. I will wake up and use the bathroom and it will be 3:33AM. I can set a timer on my microwave for 20 minutes and I come back at the exact time it is 11:11 seconds left just to check to see how much time I have left.

One of my Powerball tickets I picked up has the powerball number of 22, the the other numbers were in sequesne from 02, 22, 23, 42, 44 (I really thought I was going to win the lottery that day.) I was late getting out of town and I ended up at a truck stop at the state line and It was 14:22:24 (Which translates to 2:22 in the afternoon. This is a place I had to stop to use the bathroom and I had to stand in line to buy a candy bar and a soda, and by the time I got to the register to check out, I decided to get a Powerball ticket. There is no way you could have orchestrated the event. It's like perfect timing without trying, but then the ticket also has the series of numbers.

This happens to me all the time.