What effect does the global warm solar process?

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I'm not sure if I'm getting the right view of what you're asking because the question isn't all that clear...
Any way.
Solar flares(fire shot from the sun)
Cause the climate to shift.
Animals have this natural instinct, so they migrate to any areas that have what they need for survival.
That being said, many animals from upper Canada are migrating to the USA, the snow owl is one example.
Scientists believe that this is because Canadas climate is going to change, it'll be warmer.

Global warming as a whole is not the problem(there is no such thing as global warming, it's just the earth switching climates because of the bio layer)

Eventually warmer areas close to the equator will become colder, this means there is a shift, the equator will eventually change, however this won't happen for many, many years.
(Example is every year Japan, becomes closer to the Americas)
The pacific ocean is slowly becoming smaller, this is why scientists believe there will be another Pangea in the future(probably thousands of years)

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sorry , i want to ask "What effect does the global warm solar power(electricity) ?"