... and she's older now to know what's going on they make feels like she's not wanted she gets into Argument's with them a lot and they have also told her to leave the house more like putting her out. they never have food that she like's to eat everything they buy she can't eat.she had to get a job to pretty much take care of herself. because they didn't do it they get a check for her but do what they want to do with it every time they gets into it the child calls the police but they never do anything about it they always took up for the people she's with. So my question is what if the child calls child protective services and tell them herself what's been going on all the year's she's been there.? like how the child would say when she was little the adopted mother run her head into the wall!! she told me she never told nobody because she didn't feel like nobody would listen or believe her!! She gets in trouble in school a lot because she feels like nobody care's about her they make her feel like they don't want her there they don't show her any love or attention!! so she act out. can somebody tell me what to do or how i can help her.? if thank you very much