My boyfriend and I live in a small apartment with our seven cats (5 in which are possibly pregnant) that we would never think of getting rid of. Every morning since we moved in i would wake up with itchy lumps on my legs, arms, and neck. I didn't know what was causing til i found a tiny round bug crawling on my shirt later one evening. My mother had told me it was a bed bug. I've also recently found out that my cats now have fleas as well. So i called my landlord and explained to him what i had found and he said that he was not responsible for taking care of these pests. I cant really afford an exterminator cause i can't even afford to get a bed My boyfriend and i have been sleeping on hard wood floors since we moved into this apartment about 6 months ago. There is no carpet what so ever. We have asked our family on both sides for help and none of them would help us with the costs of an exterminator or even getting bug bombs. What could i do to get rid of these disgusting pests without spending to much money?