Ok, I realise this is an absolute stretch, but I may aswell try. When I was younger (I'm 20) I used to always watch this film about dogs and cats that lived in some sort of dog and cat home? Tbh, I can't remember if there were cats living in the home but I know there were cats in it. I don't remember it being a typically well known film like 101 Dalmatians but I remember it was good. One of the dogs was really big, hair covered its eyes and was brown and although I don't believe he was the main character, I'm sure he was a big part of the film. IT'S IRRITATING ME THAT I CAN'T REMEMBER. Please name any films you remember or know that were released maybe 2004 and under that was animated and involved dogs and maybe cats. I feel like it was like the film 'Annie' but for cartoon dogs! HELP A GIRL OUT.

Ps. It is not Oliver and company nor lady in the tramp.