What powers do the president have? How are they important?

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If you mean the president of USA, his powers are to sign or veto new legislation and to command the army and navy. Other than that, he has influence but not much actual power. The president is like the figurehead on a boat. He has no control over where the ship of state goes, but he is always the first person to arrive on the scene.

The executive order is badly misunderstood. It only applies to the way the executive branch operates. It is not a law, although it might be accepted as "evidence of law" if it does not contradict any law passed by congress.

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The President or any other governmental authorities are given the authority for the making and administering laws. Governments are frequently classified according to the source and scope of their authority. They are God’s “arrangement” in that they preserve a measure of order, without which chaos and anarchy would reign. Human governmental authorities were not part of God’s original purpose. No matter who the ruler is, he will still be part of this world that lies in Satan’s power.—1 John 5:19.
Until God's Kingdom is ruling the earth completely, human governments hold society together, performing a function that fits in with God’s will for the present time. Until then we should remain in subjection to the superior authorities.
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That is factually wrong. The US constitution has "separation of powers". The legislative branch makes laws, the executive branch enforces them, and the judicial branch judges legal disputes.

A lot of politicians love the term "powers that be", but God is excluded by law from the process. The verse in the bible only refers to powers within the church.

When the Israelites came into the promised land God specifically commanded them to have no king and no laws in the land between the cities. Satan is the god of worldly authority. Luke 4:5&6 "delivered unto me".

"human governments hold society together"
It's hard to be polite when you say something like that. You really need to improve your studies. Here is a free ebook examing actual human history: