My school makes my life a living nightmare. The girls are cruel and evil. They start nasty horrible major rumors, call me names, turn everyone against me, kick the back of my chair, pull my hood off, hide my books, put dirt or mud on my jacket, spill stuff on my table, and other mean things. I go to a school thats K to 12, and has about only 300 or less kids in it; so it all gets around fast, and i'm sick of it. Im in grade 10. The teachers don't do anything about it, and my p don't give a shit. My councillor wants me to transfer, she thinks that it'd be better and id be happier. Id be held back a year though, which would be alright because I know a lot of people I get along with in that school. Should I transfer anyways? And should I let my councillor know that i'm cutting because of it all?