But he told me that he doesn't think he completely lost interest. So what we decided to do was to not talk to each other for a week. So during that week he can find out if he loves me or that we should break up. As you can tell I'm extremely hurt. It's the third day and we sort of cheated but we talked to each other a bit. He said "I did miss you, but, could I have missed you more?" He kept telling me he loves me as an individual and that "it's not you it's me". It really seems like I'm waiting a whole week just for him to shut me down. I can't eat or anything. He said if we do end up breaking up then he wants us to be friends but I find that rude because I still love him and I would hate to see him with other girls all the time. He said not to jump to conclusions also. I'm curious what anyone thinks on this and if I should continue being friends with him after. Or maybe if you think I might have a chance?