My parents have always fought their whole life and like normal they got a divorce and are going through the custody issue of wanting me to spend nights at their house just to say the have 80% to 20% custody. The real issue is my moms tells me that my father only wants me at his house in order to say it's 50-50 and not have to pay child support as much. The same goes with my father in the way he tells me she only wants me 80-20 in order to revive more money for child support. My dad is a alcoholic and my mom is depressed and I can not stay more than 30 min in either house without getting blamed for something or getting yelled at. I am just 16 and don't have my license, if I did I would just drive away. I just don't know what to think anymore about who really loves me and who just wants me for financial aid. What should I do?