What's the quickest and most effective way to treat piercing scars?

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As long as you have to live in this world, you really should try to learn something about it. We used to send young people to public schools for that purpose, but public schools have been doing a lousy job for a long time so it is up to you to learn stuff on your own. You can read books about nutrition and learn that scars only form when you are not getting enough vitamin E. You can get "Pure vitamin E skin beauty oil" at any cosmetics counter. Just be sure it says "Pure".

Instead of looking at one word at a time, look at two words. That forces you to stop talking to yourself, so you are no longer limited to reading as fast as you can talk. You probably talk about 100 words per minute (WPM). The average college graduate reads 300 WPM. Just by looking at two words at a time you can read 600 WPM. Then by looking at a whole line at a time you can read much faster. The big benefit is that your memory expands along with your reading speed so you can remember the large volume of information you are taking in. With a little practice it is possible to read an entire page in two seconds with near total recall of the information on it.

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Ask a dermatologist.

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