i was employed part-time at la fitness during half of 2011. i understand that current employees can access their w2 forms through an internal company website (only available if you're on a company computer, inside the building) and also that the company pushes for electronic w2s instead of papers to be mailed or picked up.

i have not been mailed a w2 and have no chance of accessing the internal website. (even if i did, i have no clue what my old employee number or password was)

do any former or current la fitness employees know how else to get this tax paperwork? i plan on calling my old location tomorrow to ask if there is a way to have it mailed... my next step then is to contact the irs and have THEM request it... la fitness is such a shady company, i'm just afraid this will be more of a pain than it needs to be. please reassure me! thanks!