Which religion is the right one? and why?

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Pastafarism is the only true religion. And I'll tell you why: this century has seen an enormous growth in its popularity. The Flying Spaghetti Monster created us all billions of years ago but it's only now, in the age of the Internet, that our consciousness is becoming aware of his presence.

Trust in his Noodliness to protect you and no harm will ever come to you. He is the Way the Truth and the Taste of Cheesy Wonderfulness.

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What the heck o.- Haha , was this a serious answer ?

all of them are right, people just need to understand that religion is exactly the oposite to destroying life. every religion talk about that.

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If you are looking for a serious response to your question - read this one. Which religion is the right one? The bible is the "right" one. Nondenominational Churches usually are your best bet in finding the right church to learn the bible. Any church or rather religion that teaches directly from the bible, only from the bible - not adding to or subtracting from the bible is the "right one".

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I agree. God loves all his children. The bible is the only true resource you can refer too! This world is living like the age of sodom and gomora. Pray to god and ask him to show you the way an watch him apear more in your life and help you along the way. I know sometimes the bible is hard to understand sometimes, but god never said understand how i died on the cross and rose again, understand how i gave abraham and sarah a baby at the age over a hundred.. Understand how i sent a prophet in these last days.. He sai beleive it and if you believe it friend thats all that ever matters! (:

That's right. 2 Timothy 3:16 said that all scriptures are inspired by God. Even the Bible said that we must not add or remove something from the Bible. But we also need to act like we are learning from it. One of its commands is preaching God's word (Matthew 24:14) and we must worship Him with spirit (bec. God is spirit and not through idols and images) and truth (which is the from Bible).

There really is no 'right' religion. Most of what religion is based on are different ideas and beliefs that lead up to the same Guy. A lot of them connect in some ways, too. For instance, Christianity comes from Roman Cathlicism (sp?). Jewish people, in the Bible, are stated as being God's people. I once skimmed through a Koran in my world history class, and I saw mentionings of Moses. I don't know much else about other religions, but in the end, we're basically going to end up in the same place: talking about God. The same One that Christians, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, and everyone else talks about.

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Therefore, if we want God’s approval, we need to ask ourselves: What does God say about himself? How does he want to be worshiped? What are his purposes, and how should we fit in with them? An accurate knowledge of the truth gives us the right answers to such questions. Then we can worship God on his terms. I found this website helpful www.jw.org

I absolutely agree with you. Great comment

Christainity is the right religon according to me but if you ask someone else they will have a different anwser i.e. Jewish person, Jewish, but if you ask an athiest they will tell you nothing.

Athism the belif that nothing created everthing through 1 in 9000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 chance :) just saying dont be hating :()

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Islam is the right religion with no doubt. I am muslim and thank God (al hamdulellah)

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The last remaining Church founded by the Apostles & an Ethopian unich yet very much ealive in Ethiopa (only early church that survived un corrupted) and the Independent & Southern,& many other Baptists with exclusion of the American which went Liberal has the same teachings that God gave to the early Church. A good guide: where there is confusion God is not in it. Find a good Baptist where the pastor gives an invitation to go to the alter for prayer of salvation and other requests at end of every service and see that you can feel God's presence there.

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The Jehovah's Witnesses are the only ones using God's name originally found in the Bible around 7,000 times. They are the only ones preaching in all the earth> Matt. 24:14; Acts 20:20; Acts 5:42.

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the quran says a jew, who follows his religion; a christian that follos their religion; and a faithful muslim will all go to heaven.

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Brandonism(my religion) because there is no God, only us and animals. There is no kindness, no love, no friends, no enemies, AND no fucked up fiery torture chamber if you refuse it! >:\

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If u keep asking such questions all the time, u ll never get a precise answer. Muslims will say their religion is the best , Christians would the same thing. Etc...
The key to know this divine truth is to search and read about relegions that u doubt one of them is the best.With your logic you will find the answer..

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Look at it this way, if you had a job to detect counterfeit money, would you spend all of your efforts learning what all of the fake monies look like or would you concentrate on studying what real money looks like? If you learn what real money looks like then anything else that is presented to you even though it may look and feel real, you will be able to know that it is fake. The only place you can get this extensive training is by having a intense study of the bible, along with prayer and meditation of what you read. Then Jehovah God with open your heart to the answers you need.

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The one that helps you get through the day, through life. And as long as you don't push it onto others, it's fine with me.

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Personally, I think being a member of the Church of Latter a Day Saints is the only true church. There are countless experiences and different talks to support my answer so here is why I think this. First reason, there was a man named Joseph Smith and he prayed to find out which religion was true because his parents were both different religions and he wanted to know which was right. "And behold I saw two personages" (that is a quote from Joseph Smith History) the two personages were Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. They told him none are the right religion but this is so Joseph Smith made our religion from the ground up including temples. Another reason is the Trek we took from Navoo, Illinois to Salt Lake. Due to the protecting hand of The Lord many people survived the treacherous walk. There are also many talks that will tell you why we think our church is true. If you don't find talks, I encourage you to read the scriptures. The scriptures have changed my life and have given me true happiness.

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Sorry, it is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

There is NO right religion. Religion is man made. Christians worship Jesus for 1 hour each week. Catholics worship the pope and tell people he and his priests are holy and their water is special. The list goes on. The church of God is the true church. Your relationship with God is a personal one. We are told to go into our closet, close the door and to pray to God in secret. There is not one person or one thing in this worl that is holy - not one.

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I'm sorry, but not all Christians worship God for one hour each week. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I go to church 3 hours every Sunday to worship him. I also have a weekly mutual activity which is another hour and a half. Then we also have Family Home Evening, which most families have every Monday. Then there is Seminary at school, which is a religion class for high school students. Then, there are the temple trips that we take in our wards,youth groups, and families. And as youth, we do a Trek, which is a testimony building opportunity. Then, we also have Girls Camp and Scouts Camp. We also clean the church buildings, and can volunteer at the Temple to do work.
According to dictionary.com a Christian is a person who believes in Jesus Christ. By me being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, it is abvious that I am a Christian and that I worship him for more than one hour every week.