I'm a student at the UO, my school isn’t offering a class that I need so I applied to OSU as a non-degree seeking student, meaning I would be able to take classes there even though I'm not an admitted student. Before I actually considered taking classes there I read their website and it said I would be able to take more than 8 credits as long as I paid full tuition. I called the office of registrar to make sure the information was correct and it was confirmed. OSU is almost an hour away from where I live I decided to take all my classes at OSU and none at OU. When I tried registering for classes I was showing an 8 credit limit. I email the office of registrar they told me non- degree seeking students did have an 8 credit limit and if I believed I should be granted an exemption I had to email the main person from registrar. I emailed her and she never emailed me back. I was so stressed out I went to look for her a few times and she was always in meeting so I met with 2 of her assistants. Both assistants told me they had to speak to the person I had already emailed and she was going to decide. So it is the end of week 3, I have been attending classes every day, bought my books, brought my car from California specifically to commute from Eugene to Corvallis, quit my job because it interfered with my school schedule and the person I emailed finally emailed me back only to say that she was under the impression that he assistant had emailed me a week ago to inform me she couldn't make an exemption. Is there anything I can do? I really need the classes and am so upset because technically it was a mistake from the school because their website does say non-degree seeking students can take more than 8 units