... Diamante with around 265,000 miles on it. It has a 3500 V6 engine. My car going roughly 40 and more will shake pretty decent seeming to come from front passenger side. Most the time time when pressing down on the gas it will go away for most part it seems. Then, my car shift hards. Every single time it shifts, it s a hard shift. Very slightly at lower speeds. Big time on higher speeds. Seems like when engines first cold, the car shifts almost smooth. Also, I ve noticed during the different times if I release gas a second, it helps it to shift, but not any easier than it would on own. Lastly, during cold mornings, the car 80% of the time dies when trying pull out and go on main road. I ve never had car yet on warm mornings so idk if it has to do with anything or not. No, most of the time I don t give it time to warm up at all, so maybe that could he Tue reason. But, when I go to pull out it dies. Then, half way out drive it dies, fully out it dies. After, I go and all is well all day. I ve noticed during pulling out that if I give gas quick it will keep it from dying but have to continually do so, so that s no option. Thanks too all for any and all help. I really appreciate it! I ve been told it s a wheel bearing, maybe even the axle. Any help would be so kind. BTW, I ve heard of a mode it goes into called safety mode, ever hear of it? If so what is it & what s it for? Plus, is it true that s the reason I get 1 mpg?!? Thanks much !!!!