My Syrian hamster passed away unexpectedly last night. He was gradually biting on the front on the tube -that goes around the side of the cage- and managed to get out, he must of taken some damage as his cage is high up from the ground. When I went up to check on him I called on him and he came out from the side of my room and I immediately went to him. He had found a packet of old minstrels in my room and I managed to get most of them out his mouth but it looked painful. A week on from that he passed away in his bed, when he was dying I picked him up and he was very cold I put him back in his bed and put water and food next to him. I found out he was dying when I went to feed him and he didn't come out from his bed- he was still breathing but was not moving. When I put him down on the ground a couple hours before he died he could not walk and looked like he had injured his back?