Okay, I am a successful 21 year old guy. Yeah, I know I am lucky. I am very grateful. I come from humble beings. I did not have much growing up, at all. I promised myself that I wouldn't make the same ignorant mistakes that everyone in my family had made. Now that I am successful, they think that they are successful, also. Don't get me wrong, I do not mind sharing and doing nice things for my family. However, I will NOT provide for you. They expect me to feed, clothes, pay their bills, etc. Whenever I say "no," they begin to put me on the guilt trip and call me "selfish." I even offered to pay for financial management classes sense it seemed as though they had a problem with managing money. They declined it. They just want handouts. I am really sick of this. It is NOT my fault that they all dropped out of school. What should I do? I am sick of them trying to take advantage of me! I hate to even hear their voices, because I know that they are only calling me to ask for money!