I'm a 14 year old boy i have two younger sisters 1 is 11 and the other is 9 it seems like most of my life ive been the bad sibling or the unwanted son in my Mothers eyes. All my life i just wanted to meet her expectations but she pisses me off it makes me sick and sad. Anyways my sisters have been horrible to me they say nasty things like “Die in a hole or i hate you" if i get upset i get punished not only that but they lie and do stuff behind their backs but they are too stupid and im to blame for what they do, heck i get grounded for blocking them whenever they hit me but somehow they get hurt guess who gets blamed This guy! my parents bought them both a 3ds and tons of other crap and i got clothes and candy all i wanted were beats ha im grounded right now for my sister yelling shut up. their sitting on their lazy ass playing my game or watching lame disney chanell. not only am i hated but my friends are too they assume their bad and always treat us without respect its embaressing and im ashamed while they get pizza and messing around in my space. My sisters also are making them proud their just great helpers well i ask for help and they flip out and i get busted they think im lazy but im outside for the whole afternoon and their watching stupid disney. My mom calls me a freak while my sister plays barbies when shes in middle school and makes a disney fairy account and makes their charecter a boy and messes with 6 year old girls all of it just sickens me so please just give me advice somebody.