Why do water pipes burst when water running through them freezes/?

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The constant use of water wether its cold or warm keeps the pipes flowing. If the water then freezes, it contracts, the usually copper pipes, and since they are very thin and not flexable, they easily crack, or burst for that matter.

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abe chup

when water freezes in copper pipes or metal pipes the water expands, therefore the expanding frozen water bursts the pipe.

it is because of the pressure they carry while they travel before it reaches out our faucet think of anything that you enclosed that has the characteristic of free flowing then it found a way to escape they will go to that exit rushing

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It's because the water freezes and the copper pipe can't handle the expansion and cracks or bursts. We had this happen to us and it was awful to get through the winter without our hot water. We live in an area that is apt to get cold often so we decided to reline our pipes so that it would not happen again.

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