Am re-growing my hair which is really thick curly and mixture of soft version of afro blending in with the curly parts of my hair.
Anyway I have used hair oil in the past no problems and tried different ones.
For example almond oil for 4years
Coconut oil for 5years and etc...
Since I was 16 I only used hair cream
Most where 100% herbs or shea butter or coconut.
I had no problems at all...
Am now 33 by the way
Coconut oil is best for hair growth and other oils specially for the roots and end of the hair.
I would wash my hair once or twice a month
for hair growth I need to wash it once aweek and massage my scalp everysay
I now do That's
the best oik for hair growth and scalp is ciconut/olive/mustard/almond and few more...
Since I put olive oil on my scalp and hair its itching like crazy
I had to wash it out
I tried putting just on scalp then just on hair.
Then using LOT less then hardly ANY oil I had same problem
I tried coconut for few days then
all type of oils you name it not all together by the way!
I had to wash them out and stop using them
I was testing to see if they would itchy and they all did!
I have put theses oils on my body skin in the past (and few times lately so i can finish my oil I brought for my hair)
It works well on my body skin and I don't need to put much
I have no dandruff only had it once when I was about 9 and head lice when I was about 7.
I checked my hair in the mirror nothing in it
Only when I itch white flakes come off my scalp it seems to be dead skin
I stopped itching as it will damage my hair and scalp
So I rubbed it instead and yes the flakes come off my scalp but not every time.
The harder I rub the quicker it comes off but am not rubbing to hurt myself it's a firm rub...
If I rub softy not much comes off or none comes off.
Thing is the flakes fall out of my hair it doesn't stay in my hair
I got really dark black hair and if it did stay In my hair it would've been very noticeable!
So am thinking homemade cream would work better for me but I checked online problem is all the different recipes says wash out after 1hour or after overnight.
I want to use it to keep it in you don't have to wash hair oil off
only when conditioning your hair.
Also hair mask or coconut/almond milk needs to be wash off
I understand that
(I also tried the conditioning for an hour overnight with oil
I could not sleep the itch was driving my crazy)
Do I have to wash homemade cream off? And WHY?
I prepare homemade cream because it's cheaper and you get lot more and it's 100%
Plus no chemicals if you re-growning hair
So homemade has no chemicals