Professionalism & Professional Attributes Case Study Srivani is a skilled and knowledgeable Physiotherapist, well liked by her peers and patients but relatively new to her current practice. Toward the end of an afternoon shift she overhears John, a more experienced and senior member of the Physio team angrily speaking to his 14 year-old patient: "I don't have time for this, no more of your silly questions! I know what I'm doing and don't need to listen to you. I'm the expert and you're just a kid, be quiet and let me do my job so I can get out of here early for a change!" The next day, Srivani asks John about the situation and if everything is ok. John grumbles under his breath and tells her to "mind her own business." Srivani's supervisor asks her if she would assume care for the young patient as he is "not comfortable with John." Srivani hesitates; her supervisor asks her "what's wrong?".
why is it important to consider this case from an ethical standpoint?