My ultimate passion is music. I love to sing. Considering the fact that music is never 100% guaranteed, I decided to fall back on corporate law. When I told my parents, they were happy. So I applied for college in social sciences (you can go into law with a social sciences degree, as long as you have the grades for it) and I had a 4.0GPA in my first semester. My parents weren't happy with that, so they made me switch programs into sciences. My mother wanted me to become a nurse, and my father didn't care as long as I was in sciences.

After a long fight, I caved in and I switched into sciences, and my grades just plummeted. I was barely passing regardless of how much I was studying, and my grades went down to a 2.0GPA. It got to the point where I couldn't take it, so I took a year off to work.

As the registration deadlines were getting closer, my mother made me apply to nursing (universities and colleges). I got accepted to a college and she's now mad. I stopped caring about what my father was saying because he just called me a disappointment.

I don't understand. I spend days and nights writing new songs and learning more about law. I understand music isn't guaranteed, so I choose a fall back. I succeed in it and my parents are mad. I switch programs, fail MISERABLY and they're even more mad because I'm failing. I get accepted to a college in a program THEY wanted and they're mad. I don't know what to do!