I've had dry skin my entire life since I have eczema. Now that I'm 13, I've noticed that my skin became drier than usual, but at the same time, extremely oily. I never had oily skin before.
My skin is super rough, feels tight and hurts whenever i do extreme facial expressions. My nose is super flakey and there're dead skin everywhere. When I put foundation on my face always looks blotchy and cakey. But at the same time, my face is shiny and greasy, and it's not only in my T-zone, but my entire face, even to my neck.
I've been to doctors and pharmacies but all they say is that it's completely normal because I'm an ado so its normal to produce more oil. But for my dry skin they say it's only dehydrated, but I don't think that's the case.
I've only started noticing problems 2 months after starting using skincare products, which is 1 month before i started getting horrible breakouts. Before I only used a cream/moisturizer after shower, but after getting acne I've been using cleansers too. I changed everything yesterday because I thought the products i used caused all these problems, so yesterday i went to the pharmacy and the lady suggested me a cleanser for "skin dried by treatments" (Not too sure about that?), a makeup remover for normal to dry skin, a serum for my "dehydrated" skin as she said, and a cream that helps reduce shine and shrink pores. After 1 day of using i haven't seen any improvements, but my skin actually seems even more dry and oily. I'm not quite sure about that but I'm gonna keep using it since products tend not to work immediately.

What is happening with my skin? People say a person can't have dry and oily skin at the same time, or it's combination skin, but that's not what I have. Is it hormonal issues? Or just products that are irritating my skin? How can i treat this without aggravating my acne? I'm really stressing about this a lot and all these problems made me very depressed. I hope my skin can become better before school starts. Thanks.