I met this really great guy through a friend at a party last weekend. He seemed really interested in me and we hung out together a lot while we were there. I didn't get his number until after a few days when his friend (also a friend of mine) texted me out of the blue and asked if I wanted his number and that the guy would text me. Of course I said yes! :) I started to realize that he takes a bit longer to respond since he took about half an hour to text me even though he was right there with our friend. He always had a reason, even though I never called him out or anything. In one of the messages, he said he had been thinking about me and I admitted that I had been thinking about him as well. Other than that, nothing too personal or serious happened. It would usually take us hours at most to reply to each other's texts (I wasn't available much either). Although, it's been days since he's replied to my last message. I'm completely understanding of what could have happened, such as him being busy or just not having his phone on him. I could even understand if he just forgot! I'm starting to really like him and I can't help but have all these emotions running through my mind. :/