Hello guys , i will be happy and honored if u Answer this Questions , thank you so Much .

1) You need this machine to always be reachable on the same IP address on the local network. It is important that it does not conflict with existing addresses or addresses being automatically assigned by the DHCP server. Assign the machine a static ip not a part of the network's DHCP pool.

2) Add an entry to this machine's hosts file so that the address happy.com resolves to the network's external WAN internet IP address and verify with a ping.

3) Download a tool called HijackThis from a safe site to the directory C:\tools and run the program and recommend from the list of programs what could be safely removed to speed up the computer.

4) (Call Saeed on Skype) Saeed is playing a user that has called indicating that their internet access is not working, describe the different steps that you
would follow to diagnose this problem.

5) A specific user is logged onto the domain but his workstation is not receiving all of his mapped network
drives. The drives are mapped via a script on the user account on active directory. Describe how you would find that script and run it for diagnostic purposes.

6) Office 365 Outlook Web Access is not working on a machine you don't have access to remotely, explain the process you would to lead the user to troubleshoot it and to determine where the problem is.