I am auditioning for the part of Dorothy at my local theater. I am 15 yrs old and 4ft 11. I am fair to white skinned, and my voice is pretty mature for my age, and I look a lot like Dorothy. I have a few credits. I played Molly, and understudied Tessie and Annie at a small theater group. I also played Little Red in Into the Woods Jr, as well as Anne Frank in the Diary of Anne Frank. I have been studying many methods of acting, including the Stanislavsky and Chekhov methods since I was 11. (Do judges take that into account?). I am in the music program in my school, and I am working on memorizing the lines for Dorothy before my audition in May. This is a huge thing for me because this is the first professional thing I am doing. This is for the youth theater program, and if I get in, it could be a key to my high school acting career. I am so excited for my audition, but I need some advice. I am a mezzo soprano. I don't really dance, but I can do simple dance moves.
I have dark brown hair that looks like Dorothy's hair when it is in pigtails. Plus, I wear glasses, but I don't have to wear them on stage.
Any advice on whether I could get the part? I am very dedicated when it comes to character and acting. Thank you for your advice and suggestions.