Needing World Literature Exams- Puchner, Martin (Ed.), The Norton Anthology of World Literature, Shorter Third Edition, Vol. 2 used by American School. I am willing to help with Exams for Algebra 1 (most exams are graded at a "C" level, but answers are given by the exam grader & not all exams have been graded yet but are completed), Essential Math II (Final Grade 94% & 87%), Literature 1 (Final Grade 90%), Psychology (Final Grade 98%), US History (Final Grade 84%), Social Civics Exam 1-4 (93%-97%) I need to finish exams 5-8. Please only reply if you can help with World Lit. exams and need help with any of the subjects listed above. I am in my 20's and have been working on earning my diploma for 5 years while working a full time job and supporting my child. I just really need and want to get this finished up!